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New strip club in Kiev – 2019

This is a place of power for real men, where you can relax, relax and enjoy the best performances of erotic theater.

Here you will be met by the most beautiful princesses who will make you feel like a king not only for one evening, but forever. Just imagine it. You sit on a comfortable sofa in a stylish new strip club, enjoy your favorite whiskey, while our chef prepares a delicious dinner. At this time music is playing. Vijay lights the LEDs and shakes the entire club. The princesses perform dances and bathe you in the atmosphere of feminine beauty.

The atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment, an unforgettable dance and show program, sets of the best music novelties, the best hits of world gastronomic trends, a rich selection of fine alcohol will make you forget about problems.

We have created a space of pleasure, where aesthetics, female beauty and dance are woven into a big world of fantasy and passion. You, as a man, must not only work hard, but also have a good rest. You deserve the best.

Our princesses with their beauty and grace, the art of dance will erase the signs of fatigue from your courageous face. Instead of the weight of the world, a sense of power and strength will come. After all, female tenderness creates magic.

Why do men go to the strip club?

Yes, because they want to relax and get aesthetic pleasure. Therefore, we have created an atmospheric Princess men’s club. No longer is the question “where do men spend their leisure time?”. This is definitely the Princess men’s club on Khreshchatyk 14!

it take the first place in strip club rating in Kiev

What are men doing at the Princess men’s club?

They rest, relax, have dinner, enjoy the art of erotic dance and replenish their strength. After relaxing in our club Princess men’s club, you will feel like an alpha and a king. After all, the best princesses danced for you.

Princess men’s club is a place where you can enjoy a completely different atmosphere, created specifically for real men. This is a place where you are always a welcome guest, who is cared for and respected. Your place of power is always open for you and is located in the very center of Kiev.

Come! The princesses are waiting for you!

Princess: the best strip club in Kiev

Luxurious interior, a wide range of services, an excellent bar, delicious cuisine and, of course, the most seductive dancers of the capital – all this is Princess men’s club, the best strip club in Kiev. Here you can enjoy not just a striptease in its usual sense, but a real erotic presentation that will cause a storm of emotions and you will remember for a long time.

Great striptease and more

Our institution offers a wide range of services for a great men’s holiday. After visiting the Princess strip club in Kiev after a long working day, you can have a delicious dinner in our restaurant or order good alcohol in the bar to warm the atmosphere.
Also at your service offers a rich selection of hookahs. Sweet, intoxicating clouds of hookah smoke will relieve the tension that has accumulated during the day, and adjust to the desired wave. And having relaxed, you can sing in karaoke, this service is also in our institution.
And the most interesting thing for which the representatives of the stronger sex come to us is, of course, a striptease. We moved away from patterns with monotonous dances at the pole and turned striptease into an enchanting theatrical show with the participation of sexy and incredibly plastic dancers. Such a spectacle is definitely not boring and will certainly impress even very spoiled spectators.

Erotic strip club in the center of Kiev

Princess men’s club: rest for true connoisseurs of beauty

On the site you can see photos of our princesses. Scroll through the photos – and you personally make sure that the most beautiful and sexy girls work here. We also have a special menu for the most demanding guests. It has private dance services performed by one or two princesses, impressive peep or lesbian shows in a private room, topless at your table, and for lovers of really thrills there is a VIP private dance and a dance with BDSM elements.

Princess - striptease that you desire
Want to enjoy all the privileges of our institution? Then we invite you to become a resident of the club. This gives access to all services and gives excellent discounts on the kitchen, bar, hookahs, as well as on holding events.
We guarantee complete security and privacy of our guests, because their comfort is our priority. We do not videotape in the halls and do not take photo reports; it will not be recorded anywhere that you spent the evening with us.

The best striptease in the center of Kiev

Bored with monotonous striptease, which is shown in most metropolitan clubs? Then it’s time to become a regular guest of the Princess men’s club. We discarded stereotypes and created a completely new, fresh strip bar format that will impress even the most spoiled visitors.
We erected a striptease in the degree of art, we have talented, incredibly flexible and seductive dancers. This is more an erotic theater than a striptease in the usual sense. And this is an elegant interior design, comfortable soft sofas, a bar with excellent alcohol and delicious dishes of the restaurant. In our club, the art of erotic dance combined with modern technology. You can make an order simply through the screen of the tablet, which is equipped with each table.

Strip Club services

Our institution offers a wide range of services for every taste. Here you can enjoy the spectacular dances of sexy princesses, sipping a cocktail at a table, you can smoke a good hookah, sing karaoke and even have a delicious dinner. And for those who are hotter, there is a Special menu.
At your request, the girl you like or two beauties will dance private dance for you, show a spectacular lesbian show that makes blood boil in your veins, and for the most demanding erotic fans there is a peep show, private BDSM and VIP private. You could only dream of such spectacles, and with us your dreams will come true.

Princess – the best striptease at the center of Kiev in Khreshchatyk street

You can order an unforgettable bachelor party from us, celebrate the best birthday in your life, hold an informal meeting with colleagues or companions, or even grandly celebrate a divorce. It is also possible to close the institution for your holiday, so that all the halls of the club were only at your disposal. Communicate to us – and we will organize such an event, which your friends will remember about for a very long time.
Princess men’s club is the best strip bar in Kiev, your oasis of relaxation and enjoyment in the heart of the capital. Our guests always get more. For example, when ordering a table as a gift from the restaurant, we order taxi visitors, and for the residents of the club there are pleasant bonuses and admission is always free. And one more important point is your privacy. We do not conduct photo reports and above all appreciate the anonymity of the guests, so here you can really relax.

Men’s club in Kiev: pleasure beyond the limits of the possible

Men love with their eyes; therefore, to contemplate a magnificent female body is the highest pleasure for women. Princess Men’s Club in Kiev created for true connoisseurs of beauty. Our establishment is located in the very center of the capital and every night invites you to visit a magnificent show, to see with your own eyes all that you dreamed of only in the wildest fantasies.

How are we different from other strip clubs?

Princess men’s club is not just a striptease in the usual sense. This is a great erotic show with talented dancers, this is a tasteful production that is constantly changing to surprise you again and again.
The appropriate atmosphere of the institution contributes to the maximum rest and relaxation. This is a muffled light, pleasant music, comfortable furniture, as well as a bar and a kitchen at your service. In addition, we have karaoke and a wide selection of hookahs for lovers of sweet clouds of smoke.
Every night in Princess men’s club there is an exciting Touch show, where you can not only visually enjoy our princesses, but also touch their seductive curves. In addition, once a week we hold a show with elements of erotica, which involves a whole show ballet. Such a sight cannot be missed.

real mens club with the best erotic strip show in Kiev

Princess men’s club: more fun, less bans

Want a special experience? Here you will find them. Services from the Special menu are even more enjoyment, even more beautiful female silhouettes and a whole range of impressions. You can order a private dance near your table or even in a private room, you can spend time in the company of one or two sexy princesses, you can enjoy a relaxing massage or a special show performed by girls who dance only for you.
Skillful striptease from the men’s club in Kiev Princess – this is the case when it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. True pleasure and unforgettable emotions are guaranteed. Therefore, rather book a table. We invite you to spend a pleasant evening or even arrange a real celebration within the walls of our institution, for example, a bachelor party, a birthday or an informal meeting with business partners. We guarantee you complete security and confidentiality, because the comfort of guests is above all for us.

Gentleman club in the center of Kiev for real men

Modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules, taking a lot of time to work. But in order to work productively, you need to have a good rest. Our gentleman club in Kiev offers men a European-level vacation and a good time in the company of beautiful girls. Here you can escape from work and trouble, relieve stress and get a sea of ​​bright emotions.

Princess men’s club: more than a striptease

Princess men’s club is a premium strip club in the heart of the capital. We do not get tired to surprise our guests with juicy shows, a variety of services, as well as original dishes and drinks. Everything from luxury dancers to a thoughtful interior contributes to maximum relaxation and enjoyment.
We moved away from stereotypes and created a completely new club format. This is not just a striptease, this is an erotic theater with skillful performances and magnificent dancers, this is a whole performance with a lot of surprises for even the most spoiled guests. Every week there is an enchanting show-ballet performance. And every night you have the opportunity to visit the Touch-show and even touch the gorgeous girls.

Princess club - the best gentlemen club in Kiev

Services gentleman’s club Princess

Our institution offers guests a wide range of services. Here you can watch the performances of gorgeous girls on stage, listen to your favorite music or sing karaoke, smoke hookah, enjoy excellent alcohol and even have a tasty dinner.
Want more thrills and less bans? Then you will surely like the services from the Special menu. Individually, you can order a private dance at a table or in a private room, enjoy the company of one or both of our princesses, feel their passionate touches during the massage, as well as see the hot lesbian show or peep show with your own eyes.
Ready to dive into this ocean of pleasure? Then book a table online or by phone and come to the Princess men’s club. Our relaxed and seductive girls are waiting for you every night from 20:00 to 06:00. Do not worry about privacy, we have taken care of everything. There are no cameras in the rest rooms, and we also do not have photo reports. Just enjoy the moment and feel comfortable in the walls of our institution. A gentleman’s club in Kiev is your personal island of rest, in which time slows down until the morning.

Striptease club in Kiev or a male paradise in the center of the capital

Do you think that you have already seen everything and cannot impress you? Come to the Princess men’s club – and seductive girls will prove to you the opposite. Our striptease club in Kiev is a new level of pleasure for men, for true connoisseurs of a beautiful female body and an enchanting show.
Visiting Princess Club you get everything you need to create the right atmosphere – the best strip, unobtrusive music, subdued lighting, luxurious interior decoration, as well as a hookah and a great bar. You are waiting for sexy, passionate and liberated girls. They do not know what embarrassment or inhibitions are, and they will teach you that.

Erotic strip club in Kiev are waiting for real men

Juicy striptease from Princess men’s club

Our dancers have a special skill to surprise and give pleasure. This is a striptease that you will never forget. Immersion in nirvana, distraction from everyday worries, removal of fatigue, stress and pleasure awaits you in the company of our nymphs. So drop all doubts and come for bright emotions. Experienced dancers know how to drive a man crazy with just one look.
Every week we invite you to watch an erotic show with the participation of a show-ballet, and every night we have a unique touch show. Skillful dances at a pole or in a private room, performance of one or several girls at once, pleasant conversation at the table or a relaxing massage – there is entertainment for every taste. We can organize a cool bachelor party, birthday party or a party for friends, taking into account all wishes. Forget about everything in time and surrender to the power of our temptresses.

Special services for special guests

Another nice bonus for our dear guests is the Special menu. It provides special services for men who are used to taking more from life. Sexy girls are ready to anticipate your desires and give magic moments. Services from the Special menu is an unforgettable erotic game in which you are the main character.
The privacy of guests is the main rule of our club. There are no cameras in the halls and we do not take photos of visitors. You can completely relax and enjoy your time, and we will take care of your anonymity and safety. Princess Strip Club in Kiev is a piece of earthly paradise, where the wildest male dreams are fulfilled. Everyone who comes to us becomes our frequent guests, because no man can resist such a gorgeous show. We are open every night from 20:00 to 6:00.

The best strip club in the center of Kiev on Khreshchatyk Street. Enchanting strip show from beautiful girls. Spend your leisure time at a European level striptease club!

Kiev strip club invites all men who want to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere

Our institution offers men to enjoy a hot dance show performed by the most beautiful girls of Kiev. Also here you can forget about all your everyday problems and relax your body and soul in a beautiful female company. The best strip club in Kiev “Princess Men’s Club” invites all gentlemen to enjoy high-quality striptease from the best girls of the capital. In addition to bright and unforgettable dances for relaxing, there is a staff in our institution that will surprise you with its high-class service.

Kiev strip club Princess invites you to enjoy the choreography of plastic girls

Do you like to relax while enjoying the female body? Then our strip club is the perfect choice for you. We selected the most talented and charming girls who have experience in their work. No words are enough to describe how exciting our dance numbers are, so come to us to see for yourself!
“Princess Men’s Club” offers visitors the best striptease for quiet or, on the contrary, dynamic musical accompaniment, professional choreography and plasticity of dancers, as well as original mini-performances in theatrical style. At such performances, the girls will appear before you in overt seductive costumes.

princess club - the best strip club in Kiev

Our institution offers the most candid and unforgettable striptease

In addition to the chic and professional female striptease, we also have special menu. Professional dancers with a beautiful body will show unforgettable numbers. Kiev Princess Strip Club is an excellent option for relaxing with your soulmate.
If you want to make an original gift to your friend or girlfriend, just bring it to our club, where professionals with beautiful bodies will show an unforgettable dance show. This evening is guaranteed to be remembered by him for life.
In addition to professional striptease and relaxing music, our club offers high-class service. Our friendly and executive staff will do everything to make you feel at home. Our chef will prepare delicious dishes of any complexity for you, and cool alcoholic cocktails will help you relax.
We regularly hosts themed evenings, which will especially appeal to lovers of incendiary dances and interesting erotic dresses.
If you decide to spend the evening in the company of delicious girls, enjoy relaxing dances, costumed mini-performances and high-class service, “Princess Club” invites you! To reserve a table and have a great evening, just fill out the form on the website or call us.

Strip club of Kiev is always open for real men

The Kiev strip club “Princess Men’s Club” invites all admirers of female beauty, grace and plasticity. Only in “Princess Club” the most beautiful and charming Kiev dancers perform, ready to create an incendiary show for real men!
The strip club of Kiev provides an opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work and tense negotiations in the company of the best beauties of the capital. A unique dance show program and relaxing music will let you forget about all the problems and enjoy life. The high comfort of our staff will also contribute to the maximum comfort of visitors.

In our striptease club always professional and bright show

Our strip club is an ideal holiday destination for admirers of seductive female forms and beauty. Only here you can see the best striptease in the capital from professional dancers who will delight visitors not only with skill, but also with graceful beauty and impressive forms. You should only visit the show in “Princess Men’s Club” once and you will surely become our regular customer!
In the dance program of the strip club there are incendiary numbers for slow and fast musical compositions. Our show program also includes choreography and elements of a theatrical performance. Get ready for the fact that the charming dancers of our strip club will appear before you in the most seductive and sexy images!

Princess Men's Club - beautiful strip girls

Strip club in Kiev “Princess Men’s Club”: only here the most outspoken dance numbers!

By visiting the Kiev Princess club, you can enjoy the frank dances of charming beauties, in which there is no vulgarity and cheap showy eroticism. Our club is open not only for admirers of traditional female striptease. We also organize parties for girls. The guests of our strip club can enjoy unforgettable numbers performed by the most artistic and outspoken dancers with fit and beautiful figures.
“Princess Men’s Club” is not just a strip club where professional dancers and dancers work. Our club is an elite institution that guarantees its guests the appropriate service. Guests of our club can also rely on delicious dishes from a foreign chef, elite spirits and cocktails, excellent table setting and much more.
Our theme club regularly hosts various themed parties that will surely impress any fan of nightlife and intense leisure. In “Princess Club” you can also organize a bachelor party, a birthday party and any other entertainment event.
“Princess” is the best place to relax for those who are interested in beautiful and charming girls who are ready to please clients with incendiary private dances and theatrical performances. In our elite institution you can feel the real rush of sexual emotions.
To book a table you need to call one of these phone numbers.

Princess Men’s Club – elite institution with beautiful girls

Do you want to relax in a comfortable atmosphere, spend time among luxurious beauties and admire real erotic dances? The Princess strip club invites gentlemen to spend an evening with delicious drinks and relaxed fellowship, to take part in the most liberated metropolitan party!

Kiev Princess Strip Club with the best erotic dances

We offer a look at the professional striptease, which is characterized by an amazing grace of movements, the complexity of choreographic staging and very beautiful costumes. Famous choreographers worked on each dance, in addition, the girls also put a lot of effort into turning the number into a real work of art.
You can look at individual dance numbers, including inviting one of the beauties for a luxurious private dance, as well as coming to a large-scale group production. The latter, in terms of its entertainment, resembles a theatrical performance, accompanied by incendiary music and spectacular movements.
The club regularly hosts costume parties, where you will see a strict girl-policeman, an attentive nurse and a stylish teacher: especially for you, we come up with fascinating stories and dances, so that you would be interested in being in an institution.

the best strip club ever

Great service for your comfort at a strip club

“Princess” offers elite drinks and surprisingly tasty European dishes from our chefs, many of whom were trained in foreign countries. We work with polite and professional waiters and administrators who will help you find the most comfortable place in a chair or at the bar, will ensure that there are always favorite dishes on your table.
Great music, a lot of good mood, professional dances with spicy notes of erotica – this is what we offer our respected visitors!

Strip club and human prejudice

Some men and women do not recognize strip clubs, considering them indecent and taboo. By virtue of their upbringing, many of them assume that these institutions are not entertaining in nature, but teach people to lead an indecent lifestyle. They believe, without understanding everything, that the club’s guests enter into an intimate relationship with the dancers, without remembering about their family.
But it is not. Therefore, in order to change people’s opinion about club life, they just need to visit one of the most popular strip clubs in Kiev “Princess Men’s Club”. In this well-known institution flows rich life, filled with bright moments. The club offers for its visitors fascinating shows, in which professional dancers and artists take part. In some entertainment productions, the stage masters make a real spectacle, not inferior in their color to theatrical performances. Due to this, most of the guests are delighted with visiting this place, and especially with dancing. If you want to see the best striptease that will make your wildest fantasies a reality, then you should definitely visit
Princess club.

striptease club Kiev - Princess

Development of erotic show in strip club

Princess is one of the status strip clubs in Kiev, which is focused on the high quality of services provided. Therefore, the creation of entertainment rooms for display on the club scene are working true professionals. All the details of the erotic dance show are carefully thought out by choreographers and directors, because it is the general atmosphere of the performance that gives the club visitors an initial pleasant impression.
The charming images of the girls dancers are created by the skillful hands of costume designers, stylists and makeup artists. Thanks to the professional artists act as real lighters in the eyes of a large male audience.
The design of the hall and stage for the show program is thought out in advance. Sound engineers and producers organize everything in such a way that the special effects and musical accompaniment of any dance performance will always remain at a high level. This allows the club guests to show the best strip dance numbers.
Professional striptease dancers demonstrate their talent and artistic ability to their audience. They boast flexibility and endurance of the body, as well as the ability to perform complex acrobatic elements of pole dance. Their brilliant images in combination with bright numbers of the best strip show visitors an unforgettable pleasure and a lot of pleasant emotions. In addition to the solo performances of dancers, the guests of the fashionable strip club of Kiev “Princess club” are waiting for enchanting group performances of artists and spectacular strip numbers with masquerade elements that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

Atmosphere in our strip club

Guests of the entertainment venue “Princess Men’s Club” can have a great rest from the daily bustle and working routine. The chic interior of the hall, well-mannered friendly staff and the overall atmosphere of one of the best strip clubs in Kiev will help visitors to fully relax and plunge into the world of luxury and celebration. Here you can get real pleasure not only from watching the spectacular show program of beautiful striptease, but also to appreciate the quality of local cuisine and taste the best dishes from the chef of the restaurant.
Here you can easily satisfy your forbidden desires. However, visiting this institution, you can be sure that there is no sex in a strip club. Professional artists of strip dance know the face of what is permitted and never allow guests to break the club. Do you want to get positive bright emotions and have a great rest in one of the status institutions of Kiev? Then we are waiting for you!

Become a resident of the club to get more

Special Menu

Discover unique experience of the Special menu. Our passionate princesses will bring max pleasure.


Strip Show

In our strip club, new emotions are waiting for you every day. This is a real erotic theater in the center of Kiev.


Book a table

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